Bikdark is one of the more important characters over the course of the war. He tries to "control" some of the events of the war by taking out possible threats. While he doesn't exactly live in one area, he does use the HUD as his base of operations for some time.


Not much is known about his apperance. All we know is that he has strong, yet light armor. And he always keeps a Scythe with him.


Bikdark isn't exactly the nicest guy. He's dishonest, and almost never goes through with his side of a deal. And to go along with that he is extremley persuasive. He also has a trademark laugh of "Ekekeke".

Choice of WeaponsEdit

For the most part Bik uses the previous mentioned scythe. While it's the weapon he likes to use the most he has plenty of other melee weapons at his disaposal. In desperate situations Bik can use his Petal Stungun to stun his foe in place. And if he really has to, he can make it explode. Though doing so will hurt Bik in the process. All his weapons that he throws also have a boomerang effect to them. Causing them to come back to Bik's hand when he pleases.

Role in the WarEdit

Warning! Spoilers beyond this point!

Bikdark is first seen in the first chapter of round 1. While walking through Sand Canyon he runs across CHAOS FANTAZY. Bik notices that FANTAZY is a fighter and challenges him to a duel. FANTAZY makes a deal that the battle will take place in his base the HUD. And that the loser must grant the winner a favor. Bik agrees and the two battle. Bik is able to beat FANTAZY with the help of his stungun and FANTAZY agrees to Bik's favor of showing him the supercomputer of the HUD. When Bik sees it he get's greedy, and betrays FANTAZY; knocking him off the catwalk. And takes the supercomputer, and all the HUD for himself.

He is later seen in the epilogue of Round 1 where he recruits Jman into his group after seeing him fight Galaxy through the computer. He then uses Arces Forest: The location Jman took over, as his second base of operations.

During the epilogue of Round 3 Bik decides that Jman won't be enough for his team and decides to unseal a great being: Cuckoo Condor. And Bik becomes it's master to do it's bidding.

Sometime over the course of Round 4, Bik recruited a man named Darmos into his ranks. He puts Darmos to use in the 2nd chapter of Round 5 by having Darmos take out Metall K1000: A possible threat to him.

He is next seen in the 1st chapter of Round 6, where he notices the Green Devil going awfully close to Arces Forest, and has Jman, and Cuckoo Condor, take him out. While they fail to kill him. Green Devil does retreat, to Bik's satisfaction.

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