Buckshot Man is one of the many fighters in the war. He's a robot, and his main base of operations is the Lunar Base. He also can be mass produced.


As a robot, he obviously doesn't look like human, his armor is in the shape of a shotgun shell, he also has an arm cannon.


For the most part, Buckshot Man is a nice robot. But if he has to, he can get mean. He was made for military purposes, so he always follows an order, even if he's against it. But even though he was made for battle, he prefers peace more then anything else.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Buckshot Man's main weapon is his Plasma Buckshot, which shoots a shot of plasma, which upon contact with a solid surface splits into many smaller balls of plasma. When he gets upgrades, he is able to charge his Plasma Buckshot; causing them to be bigger, and be more powerful. And he has a limited number of grenades he can shoot. Each causing an explosion in a small radius. Besides all this, Buckshot Man is very agile and is able to leap over things coming at him.

Role in the WarEdit

Warning! Spoilers beyond this point!

Buckshot Man is first seen in the third chapter of Round 1. Before the chapter started he met up with Today in Agorix City, and the two decided to have a friendly duel at Final Destination. The fight ends early though, when one of Buckshot Man's plasma shots, causes Today to short circuit before. The two go inside, and Buckshot Man not knowing that Today was a robot before, asks him about the subject. Today tries to ignore it, but he presists, causing Today to lose his temper and impale Buckshot Man in the chest with his drill arm, leaving him for dead.

Buckshot Man is next seen the epilogue of Round 1, where he is found by Trollman who was wandering through the area. He takes Buckshot Man back to his Lunar Base.

He is next seen in the epilogue of Round 3, where Trollman finishes repairing him, and informs him that he has created less powerful copies of Buckshot Man to do work around the base.

He has been last seen in the 2nd chapter of Round 4. Where Trollman and Buckshot Man duel, to test the upgrades Trollman gave him. After learning that they do, Trollman leads Buckshot Man to a recharge room where he rests.