CHAOS_FANTAZY, Also known as the "Universe Warrior" is one of the more important fighters in the war. The late owner of the HUD. And rival to CHAOS_FINALITY, FANTAZY has master over many melee weapons.


CHAOS is usually seen with a blowing cape, and many colored clothes. He is a tall man, with shortly cut brown hair. He also has a sheath that looks "Like it was made from the cosmos".


FANTAZY's sheaths hold many melee weapons (And one bow, that was destoryed.) He usually switches out weapons at a fast rate, making him a tricky opponent to fight.


FANTAZY has little to no personality while fighting an opponent. His main goal is to get stronger to beat FINALITY in their "Race". Though is an honorable opponent. Striking deals with the opponent whether he wins or loses. Though if he has to, he will skip past the honorable part.

Role in the WarEdit

WARINING! There are spoilers past this point.

{C FANTAZY is first seen in Sand Canyon where he meets Bikdark. The two agree that they should duel in FANTAZY's base: The HUD. FANTAZY makes a deal that if he wins, he gets Bik's powers. If Bik wins, he will grant him one favor. While Bik wins, and FANTAZY grants his favor by showing him the supercomputer of the HUD. Bik betrays FANTAZY, and pushes him off the catwalk to his assumed death.

But FANTAZY was able to take out a spear, and spin it fast enough that it cushioned the fall. FANTAZY after some time made his way back up to the supercomputer. But Bik changed the password. So with no other place to go FANTAZY went in a teleporter to the Forest Maze. There he met Galaxy; Someone else who lost their home. And the two made a group.

Later, while the two were planning to get back at Bik. They were approached by Epic Kirby. Who was in bad shape after losing a fight with Kirbysonic. He made a deal with them, that he will help them if they restore his top hat, and some magic abilites. They agreed as they let Epic Kirby into their ranks.

The trio is next seen during the second chapter of Round 6. Where they learn that the Shadow Devil, has invaded the area. The trio is able to wound him, and FANTAZY has Galaxy enchant one of his swords, to deal more damamge. Before FANTAZY could finish the beast, Galaxy stopped it with rays of light, causing it to stop attacking them.

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