The Cutstuff War Team, is the group of people that write the main war, and make some of the original characters that go along with it.

Members of the TeamEdit

Epic Kirby- Founder of the Team. Writes the story, and thinks up most of the plot.

Reboot Raeg- Helps write some of the chapters, writes the spinoff based off the original war.

Galaxy- Helps come up with some of the battles, and ideas for how they should start. Helped make some of the original characters

Finite Zero- Early member on the team. Hasn't been around as much lately. Checked if chapters didn't have huge plot holes.

Thatguy74- May help write some of the chapters. Thinks of ideas for battles. Helped make some of the original characters.

Sora- Critisizes the music that Epic Kirby picks for each round. Helps brainstorm ideas.

Super Raveman- He's just around for the ride. Though he does help sometimes.

Characters made by the Cutstuff War TeamEdit

Tsukiyomaru Zero


Super Mario Numbers