Finite Zero is one of the fighters in the war. While he doesn't exactly have a place to stay, his main base of operations is Agorix City.


Finite has brown eyes, and brown hair with a slight mullet. He wears glasses, and black long sleeved shirt with large brown jacket with duct tape at the end of one of the sleeves over it. He's quite scrawny, and wears jeans, and steel-toe boots.


Finite is gernarlly a smart guy. He tries to be funny when he can, and he tries to avoid danger when he can. But Finite can get annoyed kinda easily. And if pushed too far Finite will snap. If Finite is ashamed, he will try his best to get back at them. Even if he has to get in danger to get back at them. He also hates bees.

Weapons and AbilitesEdit

While Finite only uses a Sawed off Shotgun weapon wise. He also has the ability to create energy shields to protect him from most attacks. But if a strong enough attack makes contact with the shield at enough strength, the shield will shatter, causing Finite to go flying in the opposite direction.

Role in the WarEdit

Warning! Spoilers beyond this point!

Finite is first seen in the 2nd chapter of Round 1. He is minding his own buisness at Helig Castle, when Red shows up. Red rambles constantly about swords, and even follows Finite when he tries to leave. This causes Finite to snap and he fights Red. While Finite put up a shield, Red was able to break it, causing Finite to go flying. Unable to cope with the fact that he lost to some annoying person, Finite fled, knowing he'll get revenge one day.

He's later seen in the 1st epilogue where he is confronted by Travis. The two form a team and make their base in Agorix City. Where Finite plans the day where he and Travis stirke back against Red. Not wanting any other of the members of Travis's group helping out in the revenge scheme.

Spoilers end here.