Galaxy is one of the many fighters in the war. He tries to lay low throughout the whole thing, but certain events cause him to take part in the whole battle.


Galaxy isn't human. Instead he is something that is known as a "Cat Planet". Which is basically a circle, with two hands, that hops around for movement. But unlike most, Galaxy has a feathered hat on his head, and has a sword with him at all times


Galaxy is for the most part a joker. But if he has to, he can get serious when he needs to. But beyond this lies a secret...(Which will be edited in when we get there)

He also loves the moon, and hates it when someone treats him like an animal.

Weapons and AbilitesEdit

Galaxy's main weapon is his sword. While it does what every normal sword does, it can also use the moon to power it up, and to make portals when he pleases. The sword can also be used to throw Schwert Spheres to confuse the enemy.

Role in the WarEdit

Warning! Spoilers beyond this point.

Galaxy is first seen in the third chapter of Round 1. Jman tries to take over Galaxy's territory of Arces Forest, and the two fight. Jman is able to overpower Galaxy, but Galaxy uses the power of the moon to teleport to an unknown location, which is later revealed to be the Forest Maze.

Galaxy is next seen in the epilogue of Round 2. CHAOS FANTAZY who also lost his home, and Galaxy both meet in the Forest Maze. And since they both lost their homes, they decide to make a faction to strike back against the ones who did it.

Galaxy and FANTAZY plan until the epilogue of Round 4 where they are confronted by Epic Kirby. He makes a deal with the two that, he will help them with revenge, if they fix up his top hat, and abilites. They agree, and Galaxy uses the power of the moon to power up Epic Kirby's top hat, giving him magical abilites, but making him lose some machinary in the hat.