Jman one of the many characters involved in Epic Kirby's "Cutstuff War". He was placed in Bikdark's party as one of his teammates. He is a young human mage, but is very skilled at magic. He likes to use elemental magic for offensive purposes, and illusionary magic for strategic purposes. (Such as cloning himself, vanishing, and firing false attacks)


Jman is a rather enigmatic character. His real motives are hidden, as he never truly reveals who he is or why he is fighting. He could be good, he could be evil, but he never shows any signs of either side. He is very stubborn, and does not take defeat very well. He will not run away from a fight unless his life is on the line. He is polite, and shows mercy towards opponents, but at the same time, he could have a nasty plot waiting to hatch.

Role in the WarEdit

Warning! Spoilers beyond this point

Jman has only appeared a few in the series so far, but has been mentioned a few times even when he hasn't appeared. His first appearance was in Round 1 against Galaxy. Galaxy and Jman tussled because Jman intruded on Galaxy's territory. Jman easily beat Galaxy, but Galaxy began to plot revenge against him. Bikdark favored Jman's fighting skills and decided to team up with him to carry out his master plan.

He is next seen in the first chapter of Round 6, where Bik tells him and Cuckoo Condor, to take out Green Devil: Someone who might be able to take out Arces Forest. The two are able to make Green Devil flee, much to Bik's satisfaction.

Back StoryEdit

Jman originally lived deep in the wilderness in an old workshop. In his workshop he would conduct experiments to test his magic abilities and develop new forms of magic. However, after an experiment gone horribly wrong, his workshop was destroyed, and Jman accidentally created a monster. The monster was actually a machine that was somehow capable of using dark magic thanks to a mistake on Jman's part. The machine escaped, and Jman spent years searching for it. After awhile, he gave up, but when reports came up of a mysterious figure stealing corpses of dead warriors, that's when his search resumed.

Attacks and Abilities (spoilers)Edit

  • Basic Elemental Magic
    • Fire
    • Water
    • Earth
    • Wind
  • Advanced Elemental Magic
    • Energy
    • Life (healing)
    • Ice
    • Lightning
    • Light
    • Dark
    • Sound
  • Illusionary Magic
  • Power of Effort (super attack)
    • (pro) Releases a chaotic maelstrom of attacks in all directions involving all forms of magic released at once.
    • (con) Requires 1 minute of focus
    • (con) Completely drains Jman of all his energy