Red, holding a fire ball.

Red is one of the more important figures of the war, starting one of the major factions of the war, Red is quite important to the plot. He shares Thatguy's base of operations: The Chaos Theatre. He is also brother to Bluebrawl.


Red is a small person with black hair, brown eyes, and has a qurupeco T-shirt.


Red isn't exactly the brightest fellow. He's kinda dumb, and has a tendency to rush into things before he even thinks about it. He rarely listens to peoples advice. And he likes talking about swords much more then he should. But despite all this, Red has been able to make a faction of his own.

Fun fact : He was once a brilliant scientist, but after failing terribly at making a proper experiment, he stopped that and destroyed his stuff, leaving his base, scrap brain zone.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

While Red loves swords, and he owns one. He uses two fire spears for fighting purposes. It's unknown why but it works for him. Red also has many abilities over fire. He can create fire balls, create shields of fire, and even set himself on fire and charge at the enemy like a madman.

Role in the warEdit

Warning! Spoilers beyond this point.

Red is first seen in the 2nd chapter of Round 1. He sits at the same bench as Finite Zero at Helig Castle, and he quickly starts talking about swords non stop. While Finite tries to leave, Red follows not shuting up. Eventually Finite snaps, and starts a fight with Red. Red went along with it not realizing that Finite was super serious about this whole thing. Red won the battle and Finite fled. Red realized that Finite was a bit more serious then he thought and started forming a faction of his own.

At some point after Chapter 2 of Round 2 but before Chapter 3, Red finds Savior Sword washed up on the beach, he takes him to saftey and Savior decides to start a faction with Red.

At the end of the 3rd chapter of Round 2, Red watches the very end of Thatguy's duel with Ninja Sister, and is interested in him. He follows him in to elevator leading into the Chaos Theatre, and starts conversation with him.

Red asks Thatguy to help in their faction, and he agrees, deciding they can use the theatre as a base of operation.

During the epilogue of Round 3, Red lets Ventus into their faction, and he hears of the fate of Bluebrawl, who was buried in Sand Canyon. Red quickly left the Theatre and made his way to the Sand Canyon, there he sent a huge wave of fire that moved all the sand,so he can resuce his brother.

Before the epilogue of Round 4, Red found Brawlman washed on a beach, and he got the robot up and running again. Brawlman made his way to Agorix City to pick up his pet Blocky. And the two joined Red's faction.

Spoilers end here.