This is where the main plot of the war will be mentioned.

Start of the WarEdit

Warning! Spoilers beyond this point.

The war itself started as a few battles started up for various reasons. Whether it started out as a friendly duel. Or a battle for territory. The war didn't start out as full fledged battles. But these battles which took place over a short period of time became known to the public. And before anyone knew it, people were teaming up and preparing for bigger battles.

First BattlesEdit

The first battle recorded is one between Bikdark and CHAOS FANTAZY. Bik challenged CHAOS to a duel in CHAOS's base of operations the "HUD". While Bik won, and CHAOS went through with his promise of showing Bik the supercomputer. Bik got greedy and betrayed CHAOS, kicking him off the catwalk down to the bottom of the HUD.

Shortly after, at Helig Castle, Finite Zero, and Red got into a battle because Red was driving Finite insane. While Red was able to overpower Finite, Finite was able to flee. But he was disgraced that he lost to an annoyance and vowed his revenge. He would later meet with Travis and start one of the first groups.

Around that same time, Jman was searching for a place to stay in Arces Woods. While he found a spot it was already taken by the local, Galaxy. The two fought over the spot, and Jman won. But before Jman could finish him, Galaxy teleported away to the Forest Maze.

At the Final Destination, Today and Buckshot Man were having a friendly duel. While they both ended the battle willingly, Buckshot Man figured out that Today was a robot, and when he pestered Today about the fact enough Today stabbed Buckshot with his drill arm and walked off. The deactived body of Buckshot was found by Trollman who took the body to his Lunar Base.

The night of all these battles, Kirbysonic went to Ixtem Tower and tried to take it for himself. But the tower already belonged to Epic Kirby. The two fought and Kirbysonic accidentally knocked a spotlight over Epic Kirby's head while he was flying over a pit causing him to fall.

Bikdark later that night would meet with Jman and forge an alligance with him.