Today is one of the many paticipants taking part in the war. He has a somewhat signifigant role in the war.


Today appears to be someone covered in armor, has a pair of wings on his back, and a drill for an arm. But he is actually a robot, though he hates to share the fact.


Today isn't always that bright, while he can suddenly be very smart or serious, he's usually oblivious. Though he hates it when people call him a robot, and he might snap if someone persists too much.

Weapon of Choice, and AbilitiesEdit

Today doesn't have many weapons, sure he has that huge drill on his arm, and that is his primary weapon. But besides that he doesn't have much. He has some fighting moves that he will sometimes use as well.

Role in the WarEdit

Warning! Spoilers beyond this point!

Today first appears in the third chapter of Round 1. He is seen having a friendly duel with Buckshot Man. In the end, Buckshot is able to shoot Today, causing some sparks to fly. The two take a break, and when Buckshot questions Today about the sparks, Today reveals that he is a robot. But Buckshot wouldn't let the subject drop, Today lost his temper and stabbed Buckshot in the chest with his drill. He quickly ran off.

Starting to regret his harsh reaction against the robot, Today went off to Port Town, and in the epilogue of Round 5 offered to join a group to bring more justice into this war.

He is next seen in Round 6 when the Block Devil attacks Port Town. He is one of the many fighters try to stop it, and Today is the one that causes the beast to flee, after he stabs it in the eye with his drill.