Trollman is the argentinian leader of the Trollface Army and a weapons engineer. He literally lives at the moon and he is the creator of many powerful weapons, being one of them the Troll Armor. Only at the age of 11, he has a title at weapons engineery, military strategy, software programming and robotics engineery. He also has slight studies of medicine.

Personality Edit

Trollman is a serious man that takes things in many ways at once. He seems to be very optimist, thinking that there is always a solution to something, however, he actually sees both the bad and the good things of something. He is also very friendly and caring for his friends and known people or even someone that is just there with him and he barely knows that person, he also makes great use of his logic sense and his intelligence for his actions, even when battling. He can also be slightly arrogant and a bit of a hard head, due to him having Asperger Syndrome

Appearance Edit

He is 1,65 meters tall and he is very strong and body-wide even withouth his armor. When he doesnt have his armor, he has a dark brown long mane with a left-pointing fringe, brown eyes, he wears blue jeans, 3 rings in his left hand and a grey t-shirt with a skull on the left upper corner and long sleeves covered by a light grey open jacket.When he wears the armor he has white coverers where the ears are and a cyan mask that covers his entire face (and a rectangular sunglass-esque crystal where his eyes go), the rest of his head is covered in a blue helmet and there is a black energy generator that goes all the way from half the head to his forehead. (note: the primary color of the entire armor is blue) On his chest he has the core of the armor plus a big generator and protector with the form of a + but the angles are somewhat filled up and the arms have a cyan trail that is limited by the shoulders.

Weaponry Edit

Trollman carries a total of 4 weapons, 2 being part of his Troll armor:

  • (Armor) Troll Cannon: A chargabe hot plasma arm cannon that is located on the right hand of the armor. It's white and it shoots through the middle finger hot plasma shots, when fully charged it shoots a small bomb called "Troll Bomb".
  • (Armor) Troll saber: A long hot plasma sword that cuts almost everything, the grip is made with an alloy of ceratanium and stone. Making it almost impossible to melt.
  • (Out of the armor) Troll Knife: A small hot plasma knife Trollman always has for emergency cases, due to the fact that his armor folds if he gets hit on the core. It can pierce through almost everything, but it's bad for it's very limited range.
  • (Out of the armor) Mortal "Grand Troll": A custom beyblade he owns for escaping, due to the fact that when it's launched it immediately does the deadly skill known as "Top Spin". Trollman uses this as an escape method along with a small, portable teleporter that transfers him to his lunar base.

Skills Edit

His troll armor also gives him skills:

  • Ground shockwave: A skill Trollman made making use of the super strenght his armor gives him, by punching the ground it causes a powerful but small shockwave that can send flying anyone.
  • Troll tackle: A tackle done making use of the mach 1 speed capability the armor gives him, it is usually used in conjunction of the troll saber.
  • Lock-on: A mere lock-on system that makes the troll cannon work slightly with the autoaim function of the videogames. It also makes Trollman more focused on his "target".
  • (Trump card and finishing move) Soul Erase: A powerful move that generates a deadly force field around Trollman, that drains most of the armor's and Trollman's energy.

Role in the war Edit

WARINING! There are spoilers past this point.

Trollman is first seen in the first Round's epilouge in the inside of the Final Destination picking up the corpse of Buckshot Man, and taking him to his Lunar Base. Then he is presumably rebuilding Buckshotman and creating the mass-production machine to create his army, plus giving Buckshot Man some upgrades. He appears again in Round 3's epilougue activating Buckshot Man and talking to him about how he is making his army using his data with a machine. After that he appears in Round 4's 2nd chapter doing a training battle with Buckshot Man, and winning, then he later leads Buckshot Man to a recharging room and leaves him. He goes to another room with a machine that shows specific parts of the earth and a big cannon being built by buckshotmen, and a Buckshot Man delivers to him a package with a stone with the shape of a skull in it to "power the cannon greatly". After that, he is seen in Round 6's epilogue firing the cannon at the 3 remaining devils cloned by Tsukiyomaru Zero, thus making him a now open target for Tsuki.

Spoilers end here

Trivia Edit

  • The fact of Trollman being 11 is partially a reference to the "Boy geniuses" that also did build many revolutionary technology at the ages of 10 and 8 respectively.
  • Trollman's name is an actual codename he made for himself for "convenancy reasons", his true name remains currently unknown publically.
  • Most of Trollman's weapons are based off plasma (The Troll cannon fires plasma when uncharged or not fully charged, the troll saber's blade is made of hot plasma and the troll knife's blade is also made of plasma).